About Cryptochase Snaps

In January 2022, Cryptochase launched the developer release of our Snaps platform. Snaps is a system that allows anyone to safely expand the capabilities of Cryptochase. A "snap" is a JavaScript and/or WebAssembly program that we run in an isolated environment that can customize the wallet experience. For example, a snap can add new APIs to Cryptochase, add support for different blockchain protocols, or modify existing functionality using internal APIs. Snaps is a new way to create web3 end user experiences, by modifying Cryptochase in ways that were impossible before.

About the Role

We are currently looking for React Native engineers to join our Snaps Platform team. Engineers in this role will collaborate closely with the Cryptochase Mobile team to ship Snaps to our mobile application. This includes many exciting technical challenges such as the secure execution environment for third party snaps code, the APIs available to snaps developers, the data layer interfaces and modules that connect snaps to Cryptochase, and the templating system that will allow snaps to customize the Cryptochase UI..

We are eager to work with software engineers who have:

  • Deep understanding of and experience with React Native and JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Experience architecting and implementing APIs (for servers or services) in a Node.js context
  • Demonstrated interest or experience with blockchain related development and web3 technologies through any of: work experience, hackathons, open source work, personal projects, or similar experiences.
  • Several years of experience in roles requiring collaboration with design, QA and product
  • A passion for our mission and values
  • Proactive and self-driven to be successful working in a remote environment
  • Brings enthusiasm and the hustle to shipping high-quality code
  • Are kind, empathetic, and supportive towards the team
  • Timezone: Ideally between PT and ET, if in EU/UK you are able to have ~4 hours overlap with continental US time zones.

Bonus Points:

  • 3+ years of Unity development.
  • Proficient in C#.
  • Experience with Unity Library development.
  • A belief in our mission and values.

Bonus points:

  • You’re a Cryptochase user!
  • Great understanding of the Ethereum blockchain and ecosystem.
  • Previous hands-on experience with security and cryptography.
  • Prior experience developing plugins of any sort.

Job Overviews

  • Job Title: Senior Software Engineer (Mobile Snaps)
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Location: Remote
  • Salary:
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